Ana Mehryari

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Ana Mehryari

It was such a pleasure working with Justin. During his time at RollKall as the Director of Growth, he consistently delivered as both a team player and thoughtful leader. His commitment to going above and beyond was evident in his willingness to take on challenges, never hesitating to lend a hand wherever necessary. Justin's positive attitude and collaborative spirit were felt across marketing, as well as throughout the entire organization.

Justin played a pivotal role in shaping our go-to-market strategy and crafting effective acquisition campaigns, showcasing impressive analytical abilities.

His keen focus on key metrics like velocity and retention, CPO, CPA, ASP, CAC and LTV was instrumental in driving our growth. His consistent efforts in monitoring these metrics and suggesting strategic improvements were invaluable to our success.

Justin's talent, attitude, and experience would be a great asset to any organization.