Danny Cho

Chief Revenue Officer
Danny Cho

Justin and I both joined Clearview AI on the same day. Throughout our time together, we worked through many company dynamics which ultimately led to many dramatically improved metrics, most notably a series of record sales quarters leading to a record sales year in ARR bookings.

First, under Justin's guidance, the marketing team underwent a strategic transformation, reducing its staff from 8 to 3 as well as an overall budget reduction of 62%. Despite these significant changes, Justin adeptly navigated the challenges, successfully unwinding certain programs, and concentrating efforts on a select few. He collaborated seamlessly with his team and other company functions to support these refined marketing initiatives, resulting in substantial improvements in key metrics.

Beyond his role in marketing, Justin played a pivotal role in Sales Operations. He led the development of a dynamic lead generation engine, and a proprietary account scoring model which allowed for swift adjustments to effectively target addressable market accounts.

Justin demonstrated exceptional proficiency in executing and adapting digital marketing campaigns, all while providing valuable coaching to sales representatives to help maximize both inbound and outbound lead generation.

Finally, Justin's leadership extends beyond his designated roles, as he emerged as an effective people leader. He guided his team with finesse and provided leadership to other cross-functional areas. His maturity and insightful contributions were evident in every conversation, even those outside his core competencies.

Justin possesses a unique blend of empathy and action-oriented leadership, making him an unquestionable asset to any organization. Based on our collaborative experience, I confidently endorse Justin and would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with him again.