Keri Williams

Data Solutions Engineer
Keri Williams

I had the pleasure of working with Justin Snasel for just over two years in his role as the Director of Growth at RollKall. During this time, Justin and I collaborated on several data projects covering topics such as client acquisition and retention, revenue growth and forecasting, and market analysis, among others. I found Justin to be extremely dedicated, focused, honest, and results-driven.

His ability to take on a challenge, conceptualize a solution, and see it through to completion is beyond impressive.

I also admire Justin for his desire to improve his own skills and knowledge. There were many times during our conversations when he would share something new he had discovered. Additionally, Justin always exhibited an open mind, being receptive to different points of view. Whenever he had a question or needed clarification, Justin did not hesitate to reach out, and I cannot recall him asking the same question twice.

While I enjoyed working with Justin, I cherish even more the friendship that we formed, and I am happy to recommend him to any company seeking someone with an analytical mind and outstanding business acumen.