Ryan Hegreness

Innovation and Communications Manager
Ryan Hegreness

I had the pleasure of hiring Justin Snasel as the Electronic Media Specialist for the City of Arlington in 2012. This vital role in our department interfaces with every business unit in our organization as well as intergovernmental groups and public sector partners.

Adding Justin to our team made an immediate positive impact on the department. He quadrupled our social presence, elevated our brand through improved design and practices, launched several new communication platforms and developed numerous campaigns to promote the department’s services. In this short time, Justin has become the expert in our industry when it comes to social media management and targeted social advertising.

Justin Snasel is an excellent communicator who is skilled at adapting his communication style based on the audience and situation.

Justin is a strategist who draws upon his knowledge and experience to regularly develop campaigns that produce results. He's an artist that creates marketing materials that are visually appealing and effective. Justin has an incredible work ethic and is committed to helping the organization succeed in every way possible. Justin regularly takes on new responsibilities and volunteers to assist in other department and city initiatives. Justin works well under pressure by prioritizing tasks and remaining calm despite multiple demands and deadlines. Justin also builds strong relationships with his coworkers and quickly earns the trust of those around him.

I am confident that Justin Snasel possesses the character and skills needed to excel in any marketing and communications role. His expertise and innovative approach will be a tremendous asset to the City of Dallas. I am certain that he will quickly become an integral part of your ream, just as he has in Arlington.