Sana Syed

Executive Vice President
Sana Syed

I hired Justin to take on the role of Senior Public Information Officer for the City of Dallas after watching his creative energy hard at work when we both worked at the City of Arlington.

Justin is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever worked with. He is a thinker, problem solver, and leader who keeps up with the latest in tech and trends in web marketing, UX/CX, digital strategy, multimedia strategy and demand generation.

While we worked together at the City of Dallas, Justin developed several public service campaigns, including Dallas PETS to encourage people to foster dogs to help the city’s animal shelter. He also developed the public service campaign called RealTrashTalk, to combat illegal dumping happening in the city.

He was integral for helping manage crises and aggregating data and information to make government more transparent and understandable to the public. He also developed Dallas Ideas to help Dallas residents push an idea to the community and eventually have the city act on making it a reality.

I have been impressed with Justin’s innovative mind, knowledge and tenacity. He’s a team player, honest, and always delivers above and beyond.