Toby Green

Vice President of Product, Endurance
Toby Green

Justin came into the ACTIVE Network marketing team at exactly the moment; when it required steady, technical leadership. Over my years working with Justin he never flinched or became visibly stressed. Justin consistently shoulders difficult challenges with an eerie sense of calm and focus.

He recognized the need to build relationships with his team members, cross functional stakeholders and external partners. Justin is a stand out leader who consistently praises and recognizes those around him - leading by example. This made his impact on the ACTIVE Network team at large truly lasting.

Justin was never afraid to constructively push back at leadership to challenge the status quo and bring a different perspective.

As an ex-sales leader and current business P&L owner, I knew I could rely on Justin to not only execute but thoughtfully approach how and why we were going about something.

I’d love to work with Justin again as he delivers results and actually gets his hands dirty every step of the way.