Director of Growth





Irving, Texas

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As Head of Growth, responsible for creating a repeatable, scalable and predictable online inbound demand generation engine which operates at sustainable 1:4 CAC:LTV unit economics, a website backend to effectively convert web visitors to leads (MQL) to (SQL), and data-driven technical analysis to further the businesses expansion into law enforcement and adjacent small to medium-sized business client markets.

Key Highlights

  • Created and implemented an inbound marketing attribution model which successfully identified marketing contributed revenue at a 1:10 CAC:LTV within one quarter.
  • Tested and pivoted digital demand campaigns resulting in an overall 16% decrease in digital marketing spend while improving lead conversion rates by 90%.
  • Reengineered information architecture and scaffolding for the company's website resulting in a 10% increase in web sessions, a 93% increase in page views, a 76% increase in pages per session, and a 62% decrease in bounce rate over Q420.